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Wild Planet Magazine-Sumatra

Filed in Articles, Places Of Interest on Nov.27, 2015

In Decembers issue of  Wild Planet magazine that is out now and I’m pleased to say my fourth article for this wonderful magazine covers the work of Orangutan Information Centre and their rescue team, HOCRU. I have shadowed this team now twice and seen firsthand their amazing work to save Sumatran Orangutans cut off from the rainforest living in fragmented forest surrounded by palm oil plantations, also confiscating them from the illegal pet trade.

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Wildlife Photography Workshops

Filed in Articles, Wildlife on Nov.23, 2015

With some of the mildest temperatures on record it’s been a funny couple of months with regard to wildlife. With daytime temperatures averaging around 16c it’s been really mild and warm and nature hasn’t really known what is happening. Some birds are calling and almost displaying behaviour that’s normally suited to the onset of spring.

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BBC Wildlife-Brownfield Sites

Filed in Articles on Nov.06, 2015

In Novembers issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine there is a great article on Brownfield sites and their importance for wildlife as their own habitats begin to decrease due to a number of issues the main one being lack of housing due to increased population growth. In terms of wildlife though, these sites can be areas of great importance within the urban landscape.

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Linnet Jacket-First Impressions

Filed in Articles, Wildlife on Oct.23, 2015

I have had the Linnet jacket from Country Innovation now for several weeks after being chosen as one of their test pilots. The following review is from the time I have spent in the field with this jacket so far. I hadn’t worn this make before due to having other brands that once you sort of buy into one brand you tend to stick with it. I’ve always knew of its quality through friends that go into the outdoors regularly with their binoculars and cameras and some ex army friends.

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The Past-Relived

Filed in Articles, Places Of Interest on Oct.10, 2015

Recently I gained access to some of the buildings and estate to where I have been doing my Barn Owl project over the last several months. I went to areas the public don’t get to see, I was met by the former miner and chairman of the local group that looks after the site along with the council and also the head guide. Both were very helpful and a walking book of information on this 18th century coalmine.

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Taken Back By Nature-Barn Owls

Filed in Articles, Projects on Sep.14, 2015

Barn Owls are a bird that stir a great fascination and emotion for me,  I have loved them since my very early teens. I have had a truly magical time on my Barn Owl project over the summer. As we enter the season of Autumn I just wanted to update you on whats happened since my last blog covering this project that you can read here.

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