Ready For Anything

Filed in Advice On Wildlife on Aug.11, 2023

The beauty of photographing wildlife is that you never know what you will see, its always changing and evolving. In this environment the photographer must learn to work with these changing conditions and behaviours.

Craig Jones Wildlife PhotographyOn a recent trip to the Peak District National Park photographing Dippers, I came across these young wild Mandarin Ducks all sleeping on a log, under the watchful eye of their mum. I watched them for some time as each one slept.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Later on mum begin waking them up and getting them ready and alert. I didn’t see the father with them, but I did catch up with him further down the river.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Photographing wildlife you just truly never know what you will see and what will turn up. I always say too clients be ready for anything.

I did see the family of Dippers and here is just a simple image of one of the adults showing more of the habitat they live in here.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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