A Chance Encounter

Filed in Advice On Wildlife, Animal Behaviour on Dec.03, 2021

A chance encounter with nature is always amazing, seeing another living being right there with you is beyond words. Whether you take photos or your just out for a walk that moment when you come across another life is priceless.

Craig Jones Wildlife PhotographyThere are lots of birds around at the moment feeding on the berries and other food that nature provides in readiness for winter. This Song Thrush landed right by me, and didn’t see this bird at first.

I sensed something to my left and slowly turned my head and saw this beautiful thrush standing on this wall working out what I was and whether I was a threat.

The bird then jumped up into a nearby tree and began feeding on the last remaining berries before flying off.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Song Thrush’s are such a beautiful bird, as child I use to watch them running up and down the lawn area looking for snails and earthworms. The speed they ran at always amazed me and made me laugh. Sadly due to many reasons you don’t see that many of them now.

If ever you come across nature like this just stop, watch and don’t make any quick movements. Don’t present yourself as a threat, no shouting, and no noise. All the time watching the subject. They will work out in their own way whether you pose any threat and you can help them by just remaining still.

Once this first contact as I call it has happened you may then be invited into their world as they go about their life around you, this for me is priceless and something everyone can do.

We share this world with some many beautiful and fascinating creatures, many of which live right alongside us. All we have to do is pause and watch and you will see them.

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