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Filed in Animal Behaviour, Projects on Nov.16, 2023

The Red Fox, one of the most misunderstood and persecuted mammals in Britain. Living alongside us, often out of sight they have evolved to live in urban environments just as they do in their natural woodland habitat.
Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

This family of Foxes live not far from my home on some waste land that has a fence around it. I often see them at night now raiding bins and eating what rubbish we as humans leave behind.

Craig Jones Wildlife PhotographyThese images were taken by pure chance, no fieldcraft, no long story just right time, right place. The adult was sun bathing as one of her two younger cubs was with her.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography
The younger one has really bad mange, caused by a small parasitic mite very common in Foxes. It causes a bad skin condition which you can see in the patchy fur.
Craig Jones Wildlife Photography
The male, I presume came to visit them very briefly before all of them vanished. I didn’t have long to take the images or spend time with them. I’ll be checking out this spare land and hoping to get some more encounters with this family fingers crossed.

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  1. Deborah Ackrill said:

    I agree that these beautiful animals are misunderstood and persecuted. Why, I have never understood when they are at the top of their food chain and keep rodents and rabbits in check. I look forward to seeing more lovely photos of them.

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