Territorial Dispute

Filed in Articles on May.08, 2021

The male Blackbird defending his territory against another male Blackbird. I heard that distinctive alarm call beforehand. It’s become a bit of a routine for me as described in my previous post.

When I hear that noise I head to the windows of my home or outside to help the Blackbirds and their chicks that seem under constant pressure from Magpies other covids and domestic cats.

But this time this is what I witnessed, I quickly grabbed my camera and begin taking images as the two males were locked together.

As they picked and fought, trying to attack each other’s eyes one seemed to give in and fly off. Leaving the male out of breath and looking the worse for wear on the nearby fence post.

This male has just reared his young, lost a few but two remain and they are close to being independent as seen in a previous post. They are already doing some repair work to the nest in readiness for their second brood. While all that is going on up pops this lone male looking to take over.

But that didn’t happen this time, fighting though like this is costly both in energy and damage to the body. But that instinct to fight for what you believe in overrides the dangers.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Mothernature is beautiful but at times reminds us all of its brutality and cruelty. Something mirrored in human life also.

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