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Filed in Articles on Nov.06, 2015

In Novembers issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine there is a great article on Brownfield sites and their importance for wildlife as their own habitats begin to decrease due to a number of issues the main one being lack of housing due to increased population growth. In terms of wildlife though, these sites can be areas of great importance within the urban landscape.

In the UK a brownfield site is defined as previously developed land that has the potential for being redeveloped. It is often land that has been used for industrial and commercial purposes and is now derelict and possibly contaminated. The lack of available green spaces for development purposes has meant that brownfield sites have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in places where demand for residential and commercial property is high

One such place is the old coalmine where I’m doing my Barn owl project. This ongoing project has been a big learn for me too in the sense just how much wildlife really depend on these sites that litter our towns and cities. A very interesting read and shows us just how wonderful and important these sites are for wildlife.

Wonderful too see one of my Barn Owl images for the article too and as Winter approaches Im hoping to update my blog on this project and fingers crossed the young make it through and the whole family stays at this remarkable site that each time I visit I see something new and learn more.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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