Discover Nature – Discover Yourself

Filed in Articles, Wildlife on Aug.30, 2019

Nature has an incredible ability to heal us in many ways, most we will never truly see or understand until we take a moment to reflect on this.

Expressing feelings and emotions through nature has helped me all through my life, having brought myself up from the age of fifteen. Most of what I’ve learnt in life has come from mothernature, in good and bad times it has been my constant companion and inspiration.

I did a podcast a while ago with Olly Mann, covering my life and passion for nature, you can listen to this by clicking on this link and after the introduction fast forward to around nineteen minutes as this is where the interview starts.

I’m going to being doing more podcasts and interviews covering nature and my journey in the near future. Working with organisations that have helped me and I support to help people to heal and to understand the positive physical and mental health benefits of being among nature through my own experiences, so stay tuned.

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