End the Cruelty

Filed in Articles on Oct.03, 2019

From the beginning as a wildlife photographer I’ve photographed the beauty of the natural world and also the not so beautiful things I see. Producing thought provoking images to try and bring an awareness to the public of what is happening to the natural world on our watch. It’s very important to me to show the full story not just the nice side.

I place all my skills and passion together and fight for all wildlife in the best and only way I know how through my photography. Highlighting their plight, it educates people and brings a positive change to people’s thoughts and practices. I try and show not only the beauty of the natural world but also the suffering within that world and my hope within my own contribution to conservation is to give all those animals a true and meaningful voice around the world.

End the illegal trade in wildlife parts, close zoos, enforce stricter laws for those trafficking wildlife. Punish those keeping protected animals as pets. Empty the cages, end the cruelty, end the killing, crush the poachers and rethink what it is we are actually seeing and part of.

Even though I have to walk away from them I want my images to be a visual remember that they were never forgotten, and their plight wasn’t ignored. We can all do something I believe, all do our bit to look after those animals entrusted into our care.

I am available for worldwide commissions and conservation assignments where my main experience and expertise being in the natural world and environment subjects.

My ethos is to help others see the beauty of nature in all its glory and in turn educate the importance of conservation. Please see this link on my website for more information, many thanks.

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