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The War on Wildlife Project exists to help tackle what they see as the ‘war on wildlife”They take a largely ethically-based approach and consider the exploitation and abuse of wildlife, especially for so-called ‘sport ‘to be wrong.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography WarOnWildlifeThe War On Wildlife Project and website is managed by a small online team coordinated by Charlie Moores. Charlie co-founded the group Birders Against Wildlife Crime and is a former trustee of the League Against Cruel Sports. He began podcasting under the banner talking Naturally and has been working with Lush since 2015.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography WarOnWildlife

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

I first met Charlie in 2016 at the BAWC wildlife crime conference he helped to organise. I was invited as one of the speakers to the event and spoke about the issues of palm oil in Sumatra and also the senseless killing of our wildlife in the Peak District and further afield.

A passionate and articulate man, Charlie has done such a lot to bring an awareness to the cruelty that blights our countryside. He works tirelessly on many campaigns and uses his social media and WarOnWildlife website to educate the public to what is missing in our countryside and why.

I respect him greatly for this and what he’s done. I was very happy when he invited me to do a guest blog on ethics, incorporating fieldcraft for the WarOnWildlife project.

I wont spoil the article for you that you can read in full by clicking here.

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