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Filed in Articles on Oct.02, 2015

This month see’s the release of the brand new range of clothing called the Linnet range from from Country Innovation. I have been chosen to be one of the few test pilots of this range, and I’m looking forward to working with Maria and her company. When you purchase one of these jackets 10% from every sell goes to helping projects supported by Simon King Wildlife which is brilliant.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

The material is brilliant offering perfect waterproofing, its windproof and breathable at the same time has very little rustle when you move which is so important when working with wild animals and moving around. The pockets are fantastic and can be found all over this coat some are bigger enough for my smaller camera lens when I want to change quickly. The hood is a proper hood not a fold away one and offers real warmth, it’s a perfect length too and the massive thing for me is when you wash this you dont need to wash then wash again to reproof it.

This brand has been around decades it doesn’t need me to say good things about it because the brand and the many thousands that choose this make speak for itself, trust is earned and this brand has earned that trust. What I can say though is this new Linnet jacket is brilliant in the short time I have had this and perfect for wildlife photography. I need things that offer me the best protection from the elements at the same time minimise my presence in the company of wildlife and this does that and more. Over the next few weeks/ months I will be writing my own findings and results on this brilliant product that I was so very keen on working with once I first saw it and realised the advantages it would give to my work as a wildlife photographer

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Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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