Nature is Amazing

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The Norfolk Spring Tides are the biggest and best tides for witnessing the thousands of birds feeding on the mudflats, being pushed closer to shore. During this event most if not all of the estuary is consumed by the sea and submerged underwater.

Out on the mud and sand flats you’ll see thousands of wading birds feeding at low tide. As the tides rises, the mud and sand flats disappear underwater and the birds are suddenly forced to move closer into shore by the incoming sea

Almost like bee swarms, rising, falling, twisting and turning all in perfect, rhythmic sweeps and stalls, before pouring into the roost site like falling hailstones. Once they have landed they all flock together in vast numbers for warmth and security. Most sleep and rest as others stand on guard looking for any predators that are around.

Once the spring tide has started to go out the waders without warning just take off and return back to the mudflats. It’s an incredible thing to witness, that I first witnessed when I was 14 years old, I went on a trip organised by the YOC -Young Ornithologists Club.

It left me speechless and when I returned home I tried to explain what I’d seen to my mother. She listened and was transfixed with my descriptions, but without images I couldn’t really portray what I’d seen. Its power and beauty moves me in words I cannot describe.

I’ve used different techniques in camera to create these images. Look closer into the images and you will see each blur, each wing and shadow is another living being trying to survive and stay alive. Mother Nature is the most powerful, uplifting force alive. Embrace it into your life and it will give you the strength to do anything you want and more.

Wildlife photography for me is more than just a photo it’s a front row seat to a world we are part of and belong to. I have always hoped that my images move and inspire people from all walks of life to just love and look after those creatures we share our world with.

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