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Filed in Articles on Feb.22, 2016

Welcome to my new website, after nearly six years my old website had become very old, dated and I wanted a new website that reflected my wildlife photography in today’s times and how that’s changed over those years. On my new site I’m able to display images a lot larger which was always my aim. Buying products is made really easy and safe now with Barclaycard which is the market leader in online payments and security with customer’s data and personal details.

I have an updated prints store too where I will be adding more of my favorite images I’ve taken that will be available in many different formats. I also have a designated limited edition portfolio where many of the prints give 25% the profits from each sale to a charity that helps that particular species

All my printing is done by a leading London company – Genesis imaging  and for me they are the best in the UK at what they do and market leaders in innovation and quality and that’s why I’ve chosen them to do everything regarding my printing-canvas-perspex printing and framed & limited editions.

All of which you will be able to purchase through my online Barclaycard payment page. I still have my popular gift vouchers too and again you will be able to buy these really easily through the same payment page. I have added five new one day workshops, tapping into my vast knowledge of UK wildlife and where they live through my own work and knowledge of these places.

They are –

Short-eared owl workshops throughout the year as I am very lucky to live not far from the Peak District where these wonderful owls breed during the spring/summer months. Also not far away I have many wintering strongholds too so you will be able to book this workshops all year now.

Wild Macro photography days in the Peak District will be run throughout the year, making best use of the seasons here in the UK. So much of photography today is staged and false and for me Macro is one of the biggest areas of this where animals are placed out to create the end results.

On these days you will learn all the basic skills of how to use your camera and have a better understanding of depth of field and everything related to macro photography.  Learning how to use composition and depth of field in a very creative way. Through the different seasons in the UK there will be so many different subjects to photography and depending on your time of booking will determine what you can photograph.

Brown Hares in Norfolk workshops are designed to get you close to these amazing mammals and my vast knowledge of Norfolk and its wildlife will take you to some of the best spots there. I also have places in the Peak District should that suit you better. These will be a great opportunity to see and get close to these amazing creatures.

Seabirds Workshop At Bempton Cliffs, these one day workshops will take you to the best places to see and photograph this amazing spectacle that will have on our coastline. I will go through birds in flight technique, getting the best from your camera auto-focus system which will help you capture some wonderful images of the many birds you’re see during your day. The day will last from first light until last light and once you walk towards the cliffs you will start to hear and smell the presence of the many thousands of seabirds that nest there.

Fieldcraft and survival workshops in the Peak District. One of the most important skills a wildlife photographer needs to learn is fieldcraft. When dealing with wild animals it can be the difference of getting your images or not it’s so important. I served in the British Army as a soldier. I then specialised as an airborne sniper.

I often used nature as my early warning while on active service. I learnt to read the signals, noises and signs that something wasn’t right around me by just listening to nature more so birdsong. Fieldcraft is key and you can only really learn this in the wild, with wild animals. In doing so you will have a real and complete skill set that you can apply anywhere in the world. Trying learning fieldcaft with tame animals and you will come unstuck once you enter the real theater of wildlife.

I now have a page dedicated to my conservation work within my own photography showing the many animals I hope I’ve helped with my work. Giving them a voice outside of their homes through the media of photography. There are many links also to the many great NGO’s and charities I help with my work. To me conservation means to care and for me I’ve cared and loved wildlife all my life.

I have also added my new Falkland Islands photography tour 2017 and really looking forward to going back to this magical and truly breathtaking place and wildlife. If you’d like to join me then see the following link.

All my other photo tours and workshops have been updated too and all offer a wild experience in nature where I will help you in all aspects of your photography while learning about the environments and species you wish to see and photograph. So I hope you can join me on my trips.

I’m also working on my own projects and trips and there will be more news on them in future blogs. I hope the new website is easy to follow and understand,it offers many new things and its aim is to inspire and help people to see the true beauty of wildlife.

Lastly I’d like to personally thank Rob Allport director of F9 Web for all his work, designs and help in this site and for the previous help and updates on my old site. Rob has overseen the designs both on my old and new websites since 2010 and is one of the best around. He also understands the things you need and are good at which results in real-time working website, so thank you Rob.

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