Treading Carefully

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Fieldcraft and ethics are two of the most important things in wildlife photography. Those that enter the theatre of wildlife are afforded the highest level of trust by nature. How we manage that first contact as I call it is so important

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography I’m pleased to announce that I have an article published in the latest edition of Bird Watching magazine. The article covers fieldcraft, which I’m really passionate about within wildlife photography.

Working as seen, utilising your own skill set and putting wildlife first is so important, more so now with the pressure the natural world is under.

There are two approaches when it comes to getting close to nature; the first is to conceal yourself so that the subject does not know that you are there using a hide or something similar. The second is stalking which takes more time and a lot more skill and patience to master. 

Making simple changes can transform your encounter and this will show in your photographs with a more relaxed subject, showing nature behaviour. For me there can be no bigger compliment then when nature invites you into their world.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography Mental Heath Awareness Week

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Always put your subject first and they will allow you in, but this is all done on trust, something you must earn. When I’m with wildlife I want to document natural behaviour that I witnessed, not something that was fake or contrived.

I’m always trying to think I’m a visitor while always trying to go unnoticed. This is where fieldcraft and your own presence is so important.

I go through my own tips, advice and experiences in this latest article. I really hope those that read it come away with practical tips and advice that will improve their own fieldcraft and photography.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

I’d like to thank Matt and the team at Bird Watching magazine once more for asking me to contribute to the brilliant magazine covering this important subject, many thanks.

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