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Filed in Articles on Apr.20, 2023

I’m delighted to announce that a number of my water vole images illustrate the new book by Jane Russ, The Water Vole Book by Hugh Warwick.

Craig Jones Wildlife PhotographyWater voles are one of my favourite mammals. Sadly they are in real danger of becoming extinct in Britain due to non-native Mink, water quality and habitat loss.

Over the years I’ve had many wonderful encounters with these adorable mammals in the Peak District National Park. A couple of these can be seen in a series of photographs below.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

I witnessed one water vole eating holly leaves, nibbling around the sharp points consuming the juicy central parts then discarding the sharp parts of the leaf.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

The same water vole then slowly climbed up, in between the sharp points of the leaves. Streamlining its body shape in order to squeeze around the sharp edges to reach the holly leaves.

Craig Jones Wildlife PhotographyThere were times when the water vole fell into the water below, making a loud plop sound. It would then come to the surface, swim to the shore and carry on.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

On one occasion, as seen in the photo below the water vole looked directly at me once on land, almost embarrassed maybe knowing I was watching.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Once the water vole had eaten enough it entered the water and swam off, past where I was on the riverbank.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Another incredible encounter shown below. A water vole sitting on a narrow branch, feeding on fresh leaves they’d climbed up and along this branch to reach.

I have never seen this behaviour before and not since. I first saw movement, then I saw this water vole climb out from cover and start feeding on these leaves, then just sit there above the water and eat them.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Thank you Hugh Warwick for asking me to be part of such an important and beautiful book. I hope the book helps to raise awareness and brings about real change for these adorable mammals.

This beautiful book is officially published today. So if you’d like to order or find out more about this book then click here, many thanks.

  1. Geoff Mann said:

    What a Great piece you have wrote about and showed in your pictures brought back many memories from when I was a kid,I used to watch the voles in a small stream which fed into a reservoir in Elsecar, South Yorkshire.

  2. craig said:

    Hi Geoff

    Thank you for your email and lovely words.

    Water voles are so comical to be around and on those two days I couldn’t stop laughing. In one photo it’s like the water vole knows this and is giving me a dirty look.

    You sound like you have great memories too and I’m so thankful I had my camera on both occasions otherwise nobody would have believed me.

    Thanks again and all the best


  3. Timothy Eric Robinson said:

    Beautiful photos! Hope the book does well.

  4. craig said:

    Thank you Timothy

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