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Responsible Photography

Filed in Articles, In the Press on Apr.07, 2022

Wildlife photography’s power rests on the belief that it represents an event that occurred naturally in the wild, something witnessed and recorded by the photographer with their camera at that given time.

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Treading Carefully

Filed in Articles, In the Press on Mar.30, 2022

Fieldcraft and ethics are two of the most important things in wildlife photography. Those that enter the theatre of wildlife are afforded the highest level of trust by nature. How we manage that first contact as I call it is so important

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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New Big 5 Project

Filed in Events, In the Press on May.01, 2020

The New Big 5 project is an international initiative to create a new big 5 of wildlife. The Big 5 of photography is supported by many of the world’s leading photographers, conservationists and wildlife lovers, working with international wildlife charities and organisations.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography Sumatra

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Birdwatching Magazine Interview

Filed in Articles, In the Press on Jan.22, 2019

In February’s issue of Bird Watching magazine there is a fun interview I did, where I was asked a series of questions and my thoughts on different topics all relating to birds and bird watching. Contact with nature in any form is good for your mental and physical health and also you’re sole. My best advice I can give to anyone wishing to witness this is just to get outside and let nature do its magic. The magazine is out now and available either online or in all good retailers.

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