Nature is Amazing

Filed in Events, Spring on Feb.13, 2021

Bird song has always fascinated me and is something I love. Now is a great time to here some of the best calls; Blackbirds , Robins and Wrens.

Listen for the different notes and sequences, it’s just beautiful. Nature is starting to change from the sedentary period of Winter into my favourite season, Spring.

By listing to birdsong you will start to learn which bird makes that call even if you don’t see them. Its incredibly beautiful and calming.

That space in which you live is shared by so many other species. All you have to do is stop , observe and you will witness this.

Nature is amazing.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography Dawn Chorus 

  1. Bruce Hargrave said:

    Thanks Craig – I’m slowly getting to recognise specific birds by their songs. What’s the best way you have found to learn more birdsongs?

  2. craig said:

    Thanks Bruce, for me I’ve watched birds since a child with binoculars. When I saw the bird sing I always remembered and associate that call with that species, this is how I learnt. There are some birds that have large black eyes which means they are first to call even when it’s dark. Blackbirds , Robins behind two.

    There are lots of apps for your phone and I’d recommend a basic british birds one by the RSPB. Learn these first and when you are use to them you will notice other birds that aren’t so common and are spring or winter migrants. Hope that helps.

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