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Filed in In the Press, Photography Tips on Feb.13, 2018

In March’s issue of the BBC Wildlife magazine I have one of my favourite photographs featured as part of their “Inside the image” article. The image was taken on my two week trip to the Falkland Islands last year. In the article I go through camera settings, my vision and thought process to help the readers to understand what was behind the image.

The image was taken on Sea Lion island, the most southerly and one of the smallest in the Falklands archipelago. It is a prime destination due to the sheer abundance of wildlife found in such a small area.  Some 47 different species of breeding birds make their home on Sea Lion Island along with Elephant Seals, Sea Lions and many more species.

During our time there I found a place where Rockhopper Penguins were coming ashore onto the island. The power of the sea and the swell at this location was battering the birds against the rocks as they tried to come ashore. It was incredibly to witness but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for these wonderful little penguins that go through this daily in an attempt to reach the sea to feed and then come back to feed their young.

The following images show part of that sequence of events. From when we first witnessed these Rockhopper Penguins out at sea,  to then coming ashore in this really harsh and precarious way. Then walking vertical up a cliff face and heading to their mate who were back at the nest looking after their young.

Thank you to the editors and staff of the BBC Wildlife magazine for including this image and article, and for all your help. If you’d like to join me on my 2019 trip to the Falkland Islands then please click here to see all the information and booking, many thanks.


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