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Filed in Articles, In the Press on Oct.20, 2017

Recent evidence suggests that Planet Earth is at the beginning of its sixth mass extinction event, the most rapid loss of species since dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago. The disappearance of thousands of plant and animal species, caused almost entirely by human activity, will have serious ecological, economic and social consequences, experts have warned.

The Photo Ark series presents viewers with an opportunity to get a real close view of some of the most endangered species, while highlighting the importance of documenting and photographing them, showing us what we will lose if we don’t act now. “It’s folly to think we can drive almost half of everything else to extinction, but we will be just fine,” National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore says in his forthcoming three part Nat Geo WILD documentary series.

To complement Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark documentary series, The Week UK in association with Nat Geo Wild brought together a group of experts to discuss what impact this could have on our lives and why we should care during a lively debate on extinctions and their impact on broader ecosystems, and what is being done to protect them and the consequences for the world and its human inhabitants.

To read the full story about these filmed discussions in London and what was behind them please click here to see my previous blog which will reveal all. Thank you to all the team and crew members that looked after us all on the day and for producing yet another wonderful short film. Photo Ark starts on Nat Geo WILD at 8pm on 23 October.

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