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Filed in Projects on May.17, 2020

The New Big 5 project is an international initiative to create a New Big 5 of Wildlife Photography, rather than hunting. Shooting with a camera, not a gun.  It’s a message backed by more than 100 world-leading photographers and conservationists including Dr Jane Goodall.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography New Big 5 project asks the public to vote for the animals they most enjoy seeing in wildlife photography, while bringing an awareness to various species and their plights around the world. The project brings the issues of illegal wildlife trade, poaching, habitat loss and deforestation into the spotlight , with its powerful imagery and expert analysis.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature recently reported that around one million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, many within decades due to the rapidly accelerating rates.  It’s suggested we could be losing more than 10,000 species from the planet each year, including creatures we don’t even know exist. The next ten years are critical, more than a million species are currently at risk of extinction. Highlighting the issues using photography, showing us what we will lose if we don’t act now.

I’m delighted to be part of this exciting project, that has a serious message that the world’s wildlife is in crisis.  My five choices of mammals can be found below and on the following link.

What are yours? the project is asking and you can VOTE for yours here.


Craig Jones Wildlife Photography New Big 5


Craig Jones Wildlife Photography New Big 5


Golden Langur 

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography New Big 5


The New Big 5 project can be seen on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Give the pages a follow and support the work that Graeme Green and his team are doing in bringing this amazing project to the public’s attention.

Good luck to the whole team behind the New Big 5. I hope it shines a bright light on the worlds wildlife and the issues they all face.

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