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Treading Carefully

Filed in Articles, In the Press on Mar.30, 2022

Fieldcraft and ethics are two of the most important things in wildlife photography. Those that enter the theatre of wildlife are afforded the highest level of trust by nature. How we manage that first contact as I call it is so important

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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Natures Healing Power

Filed in Advice On Wildlife, Articles on Jul.06, 2020

In August’s 2020 issue of Bird Watching magazine there is a sixteen page pull on why birding can change your life. I’m pleased to have contributed to this and hope it helps to inspire people to get out, into nature for their physical health but just as important their mental health.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photograph

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Bird Watching-Birdfair 2015

Filed in Articles on Jun.01, 2015

In June’s issue of Bird Watching magazine there is a wonderful competition to find the ” Bird Watching Photographer of the Year 2015“. In the Open section, the winner receives a day’s one-to-one in-the-field tuition with me (at a date and location to be mutually agreed), and a bundle of photographic accessories.


My one to ones are designed to help you improve in all the aspects of wildlife photography, while learning about the environment and the wildlife that it supports.They are designed to the very highest standard, enabling every participant to get the very best from my photographic knowledge and fieldcraft expertise, where all the locations chosen offer unrivalled photographic opportunities.

The winner of the Cover Star section will see their work used on the cover of Bird Watching (subject to approval), and will win a bundle of photographic accessories. Both winners will have their work showcased in Bird Watching and displayed at Birdfair 2015, and there are mystery prizes in each section, too. Please submit original unedited jpgs – all images must have been taken since the beginning of 2014.

Both winners will have their work showcased in Bird Watching and displayed at Birdfair 2015, and there are mystery prizes in each section, too.

Please submit original unedited jpgs – all images must have been taken since the beginning of 2014.
Send your images by email to birdwatching@bauermedia.co.uk (but not more than one email, please), by file-sharing services, or on a disc (which won’t be returned so please make a copy) to Bird Watching, Media House, Lynch Wood, Peterborough PE2 6EA.

The deadline to the competition is 31st July 2015 and your image along with others will be displayed at the British Birdwatching Fair where I will be presenting the prize to the winner on the Bird Watching stand. For all the competition information see inside June’s issue of this magazine where they have a special photography section. For full details of this competition then please see the following link  .

Good luck to everyone that enters.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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Bird Watching Magazine

Filed in In the Press on Feb.23, 2012

I make no secret on my website of my great passion and love for owls, they are so beautiful to watch as they go about their lives. From the days when I was made to wear my knitted woolly hat that my mum had made for me, before I ventured out.  Owls have always fascinated me.  I cannot put into words why I love this species of bird so much, I’ve grown up with them, consider them an integral part of my life.

Over the last four months there has been a great number of Short-eared Owls around the country, giving many people close encounters into their normally secret moorland lifestyles during the breeding season. Where there are Short-eared Owls you will often find Barn Owls sharing the same area and also many other raptors, none more so than at the Dee Estuary.

I have visited this area for many years and if you get lucky on your visit you can be treated to a bounty of raptors. The best days are at high tides where alot if not most of this reed bed and marshland can be covered with the approaching sea water. You can have some wonderful views of all these birds, but I have also been many times and seen very little. When things come together though its one of the best places to see all of these raptors in one given area.

In March’s issue of the Bird Watching magazine there are several pages of my images and wording describing this powerful event in nature’s calendar, one that often leaves me shocked and upset at the things I witness, but at the same time I realise this is Mother Nature at her best and worst all rolled into one.

If you would like to read the article then click here, and my thoughts are expressed in the text and through the images printed in one of my favourite magazines.  I hope you enjoy the article. Thank you to the guys at the Bird Watching magazine for doing such a great job on the article and layout.

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