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Global Birdfair 2022

Filed in Events on Jun.10, 2022

The new Global Birdfair has been spearheaded by Tim Appleton MBE, founder of the original Birdfair back in 1989. This brand new event will bring together wildlife conservationists, representatives of nature travel, birders and natural history enthusiasts from all over the world.

Global Birdfair Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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Water Vole Survey

Filed in Articles on May.22, 2022

The PTES National Water vole survey returns. Can you survey a local riverbank, ditch or stream from now up until the 15th June?

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

The results will help us to understand where our endangered water voles are living and where we need to focus on their conservation.

Find out how to take part and register online at www.ptes.org/watervoles

#watervolesurvey #ptes

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Being At One

Filed in Photography Tips on May.20, 2022

Being at one with nature is truly amazing and with respect, time and effort everyone is capable of witnessing beautiful moments each time they enter the natural world.

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Responsible Photography

Filed in Articles, In the Press on Apr.07, 2022

Wildlife photography’s power rests on the belief that it represents an event that occurred naturally in the wild, something witnessed and recorded by the photographer with their camera at that given time.

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Red Squirrels

Filed in Animal Behaviour, Projects on Oct.28, 2021

I wanted to share some images of Red Squirrel’s from a site in England. This area is managed by the wildlife trust who keep an eye on this population that were almost wiped out several years ago due to the squirrel pox virus.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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Water Vole Appeal

Filed in Charities, Conservation on Sep.08, 2021

Water voles are in trouble, they are our fastest declining mammal. In the 1980’s and 90’s they suffered a catastrophic 90% drop in their population, largely due to the spread of American mink, which were introduced into our countryside through illegal releases or escapes from fur farms.

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