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100th Pygmy Hog Release – Part of History

Filed in Articles, Charities, Places Of Interest on Jul.07, 2016

Last month I spent two weeks in the province of Assam in North-eastern India to cover the 100th Pygmy Hog release for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust that are based in Jersey. The work being done to save this critically endangered species was just amazing to witness and be part of. The following images show you some of the amazing things I witnessed during this incredible trip.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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National Badger Week 2016

Filed in Articles, Charities, Events on Jun.08, 2016

During national Badger week up and down the country there are lots of events being staged that you can attend. I’m pleased to announce that I’m doing a talk as part of one event in Stafford where all money goes to the trust that try and fight for our native Badgers that live below us and come into our world when weve gone to bed.


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