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Wildlife Photography – In the Field

Filed in Articles, Workshops on Jun.15, 2017

The beauty of photographing wildlife is that it is always changing and evolving, encountering the unexpected. In this environment the photographer must learn to work with these changing environmental conditions and behaviours, and the result cannot always be predicted. For me this only adds to the excitement of wildlife photography. Its been a really busy period for one to ones and workshops with clients over the last several weeks. Here are a few images from the field I took alongside them all, as well as a few from my own project.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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The Himalayan Grey Ghost

Filed in Articles, Workshops on Mar.22, 2017

I wanted to try and convey the beauty of the Indian Himalayas, which is home to the extremely rare Snow leopard with the following slideshow. To read my blog about the trip is one thing but I really wanted to take you there visually. I hope this presentation does that in someway while showing you this beautiful yet hostile place.

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