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Spotlight Sumatra Short Film

Filed in Articles, Events on May.22, 2014

A short film about the Spotlight Sumatra exhibition in London which I’m part of can be seen below, covering the opening ceremony. Those involved talk about their own thoughts about this beautiful island and the plight of those crucially endangered specie of wildlife that live there.  It’s something that I’m very passionate about and have been to Sumatra twice in as many years on my self-funded trips to capture with my camera the beauty and the not so beautiful things that are happening there.

SOS have some of the fantastic Spotlight Sumatra panel photographs for sale once the exhibition is finished at the end of May 2014. If you’d like to buy a piece of history at the same time help the cause to save Sumatra and its wildlife then click here to see all the details.



Craig Jones Wildlife Photographer- Spotlight Sumatra

I hope all those that have visited so far have really enjoyed the displays and to those visiting between now and the end you’re in for a visual treat, many thanks for all the support for SOS and those other people and Chartres involved.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Here is another slideshow I did once I came back from Sumatra. It shows me trekking through the jungles of Sumatra on the trail of the Sumatran orangutans, a magical time, tough but magical enjoy.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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They Need You-Sumatran Orangutans

Filed in Articles, In the Press on Dec.11, 2013

It is with utter heartbreak and shock that I was emailed this week from Sumatra,asking for some of my Sumatran Orangutan images to be asked for a campaign Ian Singleton the director of SOCP are fighting. Once I stopped and read the proposals my heart missed a beat I cannot lie. As each day passes I want to get out there with my camera to do something. Below are Ian’s words and the campaign they are fighting to stop large areas of Sumatra being dug up and lost for ever. Lost is the key word, mankind just never fails to shock me with their mindless greed.



On the 30th December they rule, when everyone is looking to the New Year and relaxing officials decide whether its good to hand over some of the most precious rainforests in the world to developers hell bent on bleeding the soil of its riches and replace it with a vile, unnatural habitat killing some of the world’s most protected animals found nowhere else on earth.

Dr Ian Singleton –

“The Acehnese Government is pushing to finalize the proposed Spatial Plan in the next coming weeks along with and additional NEW draft governor’s regulation, which opens a door for new permits in large critical areas of the Leuser Ecosystem. If approved, this new plan and the new regulation will result in the rapid devastation of most of Aceh’s remaining lowland forests, the last stronghold for the Sumatran Orangutan, tiger, rhino and elephant. This also totally undermines the legal status of the world renowned Leuser Ecosystem. What’s more, it will not only seriously impact biodiversity and regional carbon emissions, but also seriously jeopardize the lives and livelihoods of many thousands of Aceh’s 4 million people”

I put a slideshow SOCP are using and my images will be used to raise much needed awareness before the December 30th deadline. In the new year I’m hoping go out there with my camera and report on this I wish I could go tomorrow, in the meantime to everyone who follows my blog please sign the petition on the links below thank you.

This has to be stopped  –

Sign – www.change.org/LeuserHeritage
Fax – ww.endoftheicons.wordpress.com/?p=1710
Donate – www.sumatranorangutan.org

Thank You.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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