2010 Year Of The Tiger Slideshow

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Once I returned from India it was my aim to use my images of the amazing Royal Bengal Tiger to demonstrate to people their beauty and prowess, at the same time highlighting the tragic position these animals find themselves in, now with around 3400 Tigers left in the wild.  Where captive Tigers and those kept as pets are now outnumbering their wild counterparts which is a truly shocking statistic.

I have always felt that powerful images and powerful music go so well together and over the last few weeks I have experimented and developed a few examples as a visual slideshow and posted them on my blog and Facebook page.  I was amazed at the feedback I received from people and especially amazed when a gentleman called Martyn Ford, a former Entomologist at the British Museum of Natural History, and now a professional conductor and record producer, had seen one of my slideshows and contacted me.  We exchanged emails and Martyn invited me to give him a call.  Hes a great bloke and was very helpful.  We spoke about many subjects and he told me of a lady named Thao Nguyen a brilliant  Musician, Composer, and Music Arranger who he works with.  She is also a very good wildlife photographer with a great eye for her subjects.

Over a period of  a few weeks Martyn came back to me with a brilliant piece of music called Fragile Earth that has never been used and one Thao was willing to let me use on my 2010 Year Of The Tiger slide show which I had been working on.  I will use this to show the beauty of the Tiger along with this beautiful music she has composed specially for me to go with my images.  To have a unique piece of music to go with this amazing animal is perfect and very fitting I feel. My images hopefully reflect the beauty of this animal that I have captured through the lens during my time in India.  Not a day goes by when I don’t think of my time there and how they are doing.

I was also informed this week that there is new life in Ranthambore with the recent birth of two cubs to one of the adult females, which is brilliant news.  I am hoping to return in January where it would be amazing to see these little fellows with their mum, where I will be returning later on in the year in May 2011 with my Tigers Of India  photo-tour that I will be running. I cannot wait to go back as I love India and its diverse and different wildlife.

I have composed the images along with this beautiful and powerful music now in a slide show, where the hairs on the back of my neck still stand up on edge everytime I watch it.  I hope you enjoy the show and it will form part of my talks that I am doing in different parts of the country over the next several months.

A massive thank you to both Martyn, and Thao for your very kind offer of this piece of beautiful music and I wish you both all the very best, many thanks.

  1. Andy Gregory said:

    This was even better than your previous tiger presentation. The music is superb and puts even more sense of feeling and atmosphere in to your already excellent images. Well done yet again.

  2. craig said:

    Thanks Andy, glad you like the slideshow and the music which is beautiful I feel and goes so well with the images.


  3. Michelle Sibley said:

    I followed the link to your blog from flickr. I saw your Kingfisher pic and fell in love with the sharpness, saturation of color and clarity. I admit that I hoped to figure out what lens combination you were using to acheive that image. The first thing I see when I arrived at your blog is this absolutely captivating tiger video. Congratulations my friend on your outstanding work. What a priveledge you have in being able to capture such incredible wildlife. The experience must be amazing. I was drawn deeper into that jungle with each advancing slide. I also want to say that I loved the music. It was gentle with moments of broad sweeping drama. Excellent video. Enjoyed. Thank you, Michelle

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