Beautiful Wildlife

Filed in Wildlife on Aug.10, 2012

I use the medium of photography as a method to capture the beautiful things I witness in nature, placing a frame around something I have seen, letting the image convey the true beauty of that moment in time that my words could never describe. Photographing wildlife with my camera is more than just a photograph for me, its about capturing an animals spirt, heart,and letting you look right into their lives.

I have a deep emotion within my work which comes from my great love of wildlife. Photographs can move people, they speak in a language I cannot and that’s what I have always hoped to achieve within my work as a wildlife photographer.

Here are a few of my most recent images on subjects I’ve been working on to produce this Beautiful Wildlife slideshow, to view this on YouTube please click here I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Gowri Saligram said:

    What a lovely slideshow! Every image is so beautiful, but the gull abstract, the snowy owl scape and the rabbits leaping in the air just took my breath away! Thank you for sharing this!

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