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Filed in Wildlife on Sep.27, 2020

The Rowan berry tree in my garden has almost been stripped of its berries now. For over a week many birds have gorged on its ripe berries. I’ve shared some pictures in a previous blog post of the Blackbirds.

During this time there has been a pair of Bullfinch’s that have also been feeding on the berries. Ultra shy and timid they have been very difficult to see let alone get a clear view and photo.

As they land in the densest part which makes it impossible to see them. So I set myself a goal of seeing if I could photograph them. I set up my hide and waited, and waited. Then I heard their call and saw the male land in one of the thickest parts of the tree.

There isn’t many berries left now and those that are left are mainly on the outskirts of the tree. Getting to these berries makes any bird easy to see and wide open. So I was hoping they would have to make their way to the edges.

For a while all I could see was leaves and small branches moving. Then out into the open the male came and went to reach some of the last remaining berries.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

The female is much more shier than the male and I’ve only managed a couple of sightings of her over the last several days. Shes more of an Apricot colour but equally as gorgeous.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

They eat the berries and gather other berries while the discarded remains hang off their chunky beaks. Not the best table manners I must say. I didn’t know where they were going to land or how. So I just made the best of the conditions and opportunities.

Something as a wildlife photographer working with wildlife you just have to do. Work wild, produce images that are natural and not works of fiction from set up’s using branches attached to poles or a tripod. Fake images are everywhere, work alongside nature and learn about your subject is my best advice.

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