Precious Life

Filed in Animal Behaviour, Wildlife on May.06, 2021

Each year a pair of Blackbirds nest in my back garden. They are one of my favourite birds and have such a beautiful and evocative call.

Without fail they build their nest too small and the chicks fall out way before they are fully developed. It’s then a game of survival as the Magpies, Jays , cats are all looking for an easy meal.

This pair of Blackbirds have been nesting in my garden for a few years now and know they have personal security close by. All they have to do is sound the alarm and I come to the window or go out and move on the threat.

So far there have been numerous call outs over the last several days and I’ve learnt there are two chicks stashed somewhere in the undergrowth.

The Magpies work in numbers and try and sweep through calling and hoping to create panic in the young birds. The Blackbird parents are so brave though and take them all on while calling for assistance.

This is one of the chicks that I was very lucky to see as they are well hidden. They do emit a very distinctive call which must be their way of communicating with their parents. This very call though I believe gives them away to other birds looking for them.

This is the circle of life I fully understand, but I love Blackbirds and this pair won’t be hassled if I can help it.

An interesting fact about Blackbirds, experts say they recognise human faces over time. They associate this with putting our food and just being around. With this in mind it would be lovely to think they know I’m there and call me when they have trouble.

I’m sure many of you reading this that have these beautiful birds in your gardens go through the very same thing every year.

I just wished they’d build a bigger nest.

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