Changing Seasons

Filed in Articles, Workshops on Sep.23, 2019

Our seasons are changing now from summer into autumn, the nights are drawing in and the light and colours are stunning as the sun becomes lower in the sky. Its a great time to be out with your camera, providing you with some of the most beautiful and intense colours of the year.

The season of autumn for me is arguably one of the finest times of year to enjoy and view wildlife with this amazing mosaic of colour as the backdrop.

Its a time where the trees and ground are laden with fruits, berries and nuts forming a rich bouty of food, one that all animal’s take advantage of before the onset of Winter.

Two of my favourite species at this time of year are Short-eared Owls, that come down from the uplands to feed at sea level during our autumn and winter months. Mountain Hares change colour at this time of year to pure white to avoid predators and blend in with their snow capped landscapes. It really is a fantastic time of year in so many ways.

It’s also a wonderful time of year to see Red Squirrels and one such place is on the North West coastal region of the UK where they are still doing well.

Short-eared Owls are beautiful and it’s a great time to see these owls now.

Unplanned, unscripted in its truest form, watching wildlife is priceless and capturing those briefest of moments with your camera allows you to relive that experience long after you’ve left.

Go out into nature over the next couple of months and you will witness what I describe for yourself, many thanks.

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