Falkland Islands Photo Tour

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The Falkland Islands have a raw, unspoilt quality that provide one of the most unusual and spectacular wildlife destinations in the world, lying some 450 kilometres from the coast of South America  amid the rich fishing grounds of the South Atlantic.

Explore the wildlife-rich beaches of Sea Lion Island, discover Pebble Island and marvel at the King penguins and Elephant seal colonies at Volunteer Point alongside a huge choice of other amazing and unique wildlife the Falklands has.

The islands are inhabited by huge numbers of seabirds during the breeding season which extends from October to March, the spectacle of these great assemblies of penguins, albatrosses, cormorants and terns is reason enough to visit the Falkland’s but the islands are so much more than just a haven for seabirds.

The scenery is often reminiscent of the Scottish islands and there are many unique aspects to life in the Falklands, visitors are constantly charmed by this blend of familiar and unfamiliar and in many ways the islands are essentially British in character but a flavour of the South Atlantic exerts its own influence onto the islands. The site of huge Elephant Seals hauled out on the sandy beaches, or the giant Albatrosses gliding effortlessly over the sea, this place is pure magic in terms of its wildlife.

Sea Lion Island, Carcass Island, West Point and Saunders Island constitute the main centres for this photo tour each of which offers something different, we will be spending several days at each location to get the very best light conditions and best photographic opportunities for those amazing images. Once on the islands we will travel between them by a 9-seater ‘Islander’ aircraft which give superb views of the scenery.

January and February are the best months for wildlife watching, as the extended daylight hours provide up to 18 hours a day to photograph and capture the wonderful wildlife.  You will benefit from expert photographic and fieldcraft advice explained and demonstrated by me and tuition on photography skills and techniques, use of lighting and composition, slow shutter speeds, impending movement shots and much more.

A well planned full day’s excursion trip from Stanley to Volunteer Point is sure to rank among the tour highlights as we visit the Falkland’s colony of over 1000 breeding pairs of King Penguin, along with Gentoo and Magellanic.  This is a very remote spot and provides one of the best places to see all these species of penguin.

Seeing these beautiful birds with be amazing and the timing of this photo tour has been chosen to coincide with the birth of their chicks which will be very appealing, parading in front of you wearing their comical ‘fur’ coats of thick down.  A memory to take home with you from these extraordinary South Atlantic islands.

We travel to the islands with the RAF out of Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, stopping on Ascension Island to refuel. The flight time is 8 hours for each leg, with 1 ½ hours on the ground on Ascension to enjoy the warm tropical fresh air before continuing the journey to the Falklands. Our itinerary takes in all the main visitor sites, we’ll see many different aspects of island life as well as enjoying the birds, wildlife and flowers of this unique archipelago which, in spite of having become more popular and sophisticated over the years, has not lost that magic which visitors find so enchanting.

Come and join me on this amazing 14 day photo tour to this island, working with the best people making for a magical trip you’ll never forget. For more information or to book please visit my Falkland Islands page on my Photo Tours & Workshops page or send me an email here, many thanks.

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