The Land of the Great Ape-Sumatra

Filed in Workshops on Jan.12, 2013

There are surely few more endearing creatures in the world than the gentle giant of the rainforest, the Orangutan. With around 97% of an Orangutans genetic makeup being the same as a human’s, where such a close affinity to Homo sapiens is obvious upon gazing into their beautiful faces and watching their behavior.

I will be leading this amazing 9 Photo-Tour to the jungles of Sumatra alongside expert trackers on the ground who I have worked buy cialis with in the past in Sumatra. This trip is suitable for anyone with a camera and a love of nature. I want to take people into these amazing jungles to watch, capture and just marvel at these animals that had such a profound effect on my last year.

It’s a tough place but you will be working with the best people and you will see for yourself the true picture of this animal’s plight and the destruction of their forests home. Each person that comes will not only help the charities I work with and support but will be able to tell the story of Sumatra once back home. Making sure the Orangutans voices will be heard.

If you have 9 days free in September 2013 and you want to go to this magical place and help these great apes that could become extinct during our lifetime then click on this link to see and book this trip.

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