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Where Does The Time Go?

Filed in Exhibitions, Workshops on Jul.27, 2010

Over the last two weeks I have found that my time just vanishes and the days turn into weeks,where with the early summer time light you find yourself getting up in the middle of the night,packing your car in total darkness and heading off in search of your images for that day.I always go with a relaxed mind and find this has always resulted in good sightings and images in most cases,where just being out in nature is enough for me.This approach works and by adopting this attitude you put less pressure on yourself to get the image(s).

The image’s below where taken as I was waiting to photograph Kingfishers,a bird that has eluded me this year.As the sun came up it lit up the low lying mist on top of the water,breaking through the dense background and creating this amazing light and colour.I captured two Mute Swans coming into land and together in one of the shafts of light and the third image is a lone Grey Heron perfectly still,watching for the slightest movement below him.Two lovely images that I  never expected

In between this I have successfully completed four great days at the Pavilion Gardens, Buxton where I’ve just finished another two day display this weekend at their Summer Fete event.Again great meeting so many nice people over the two days a few wildlife photographers came to visit me so that was nice,lots of bookings on my Workshops and One To Ones,look forward to meeting you all that booked.My next event at the Pavilion Gardens,Buxton is the Art & Design event Sat 18th,Sun 19th September.

I have had two great High-Tide Workshops in the last week  at Snettisham,where this place can be good for birds all year round but the best shows come only at the very highest tides when the birds are forced into the ‘Pits’ giving a breathtaking experience to those lucky enough to be there,seeing and hearing the sounds of this magical event in mothernature that you’ll never forget within this truly wild place on the Norfolk coast.

There was thousands upon thousands of wading birds flying around.feeding on this rich mud that Snettisham is made up of,where the birds are forced to take off and form vast flocks all the time heading closer into land adding to the drama of the place with the sounds and sights of nature that you will not forget. A quiet and remote experience to the intense noise known as the ‘Norfolk Rhapsody’, a truly astonishing spectacle.

The clients had some amazing views and bothdays where a complete success and joy for me.I have around two dates per month now until next February 2011 so should you wish to book just send me an email to see if the dates suit your needs.The cost is £160.00 per person and are for up to four people,homemade packed lunch,hot and cold drinks all provided and these brilliant,action packed days last from dawn until dusk,where we finish the day off at one of my many Barn Owl sights I visit in Norfolk.

Showing you everything I use from expert fieldcraft skills,simply tracking skill’s,building a picture of whats happening around you,reading nature,right the way through to the simple camera settings and composition I use.Where for me its all about nature and a little understanding of the wildlife around you,capturing the subject in their natural habitat,capturing beautiful,wild moments within the natural world.

I have been able to get out photographing wildlife at this wonderful time of year also and its a real joy to be in and around nature during the morning and throughout the day,so much new life and noises going on as you walk through our beautiful countryside.Chicks constantly begging for food they are able to catch for themselves but prefer the easy lunch.The image below kept me in suspense for nearly ten minutes,it’s a juvenile Whitethroat,not long fledged,here he was watching flies and bees going backward and forwards over these colourful berries.

As I watched him through the viewfinder,then in a flash he moved and tired to capture this fly that had become tangled up in this spidersweb.I just managed to capture that very moment here with this image in the morning light,in the end he missed and the fly freed himself ,the whole event had be smiling.I did feel sorry for this fellow as he had tied in vain to capture his breakfast,but still much to learn,lovely moments though just providing there is something you can witness anywhere and get so much fun at the same time.

A big thank you to all the wonderful people who have booked onto my trips,I’m glad I’ve helped and to all those booked on future trips you can see the level of help and passion that’s coming your way!!.My next big event is at this years Birdfair

Where it will be my first time there as a Exhibitor,having been there several times as a visitor so I’m really excited to have a stand there.I am in Marquee 6 right in the center of things which is great.Feet away from the Events Marquee,where there’s loads of talks and events throughout the 3 days.I have also donated one of my Limited Edition Tiger Prints for the Birdfair Auction helping them raise money for the brilliant cause(s) they help and support around the UK and World.The 2009 Birdfair raised £263,000 to support BirdLife’s work in saving critically endangered birds around the world. This takes the total raised, to date, to over £2,000,000 which is just brilliant and something I personally want to help them with so the Tiger print is Lot number 83,please give as much as you can many thanks.

If you plan on visiting this years Birdfair then please do drop in and say hello,where some of my work will be on show along with my Tiger images from this years amazing trip to India,Gift Vouchers,Workshops,One To Ones,30 years of knowledge on wildlife, I have something for everyone,or if you just need some advice in regard to Wildlife Photography then I run an Open-Door policy where I’ll help and answer all your questions on this topic.I look forward to seeing you all there in the meantime should you want any help on the tours and trips I do then please send me an email.

All my Photo-Tours,Workshops have now been updated taking you through until next June/July 2011.My Texel trip is nearly full,Mull trip filling up and my Tigers trip to,which is amazing in these hard times,so a big thank you to all who have booked so far.Next years Masai Mara Migration trip is also up now and my trip to Finland for Brown Bears next June, will be up very soon also.

I also have a Craig Jones Facebook page where I give tips,advice and up to date reports on my trips and day to day goings on,with over 1200 friends its growing all the time,its free to join and becoming very popular.Where it’s good to talk as the saying goes.Thanks again for all the support and hope to see you in the future,many thanks.

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Art And Craft Fair-Update

Filed in Exhibitions on Jul.05, 2010

I have just finished my two day display at the Pavilion Gardens,Buxton,Derbyshire where the event for me was a great success.Meeting people and showing the work I do,the trips,Workshops and One To Ones is a real passion for me as it gives my images life as each one has a name and a reason I took the shot,where the passion of wildlife is ingrained in all of my work I do from teaching to taking images.

People commented on the images and the main topic was the originality of my work and origin of the images where all where taken in nature,encapsulating the subject in their natural environment,with simply composition.With the key to wildlife photography being nature and an understanding of it way before the camera comes into the picture,where fieldcraft is one of the most important tools in getting close to you chosen subject, and an honesty in the image is key for me where the word ‘Wildlife’ should truly mean its a moment captured, as seen in nature at the time by the photographer,’placing a frame around something you have seen in nature to show others of the beauty around us’

CJWP Stand

The photo above is of my stand with the key colours following on from my website design,with the black and green swish going through the middle as this depicts my interest in nature that has always ran through me from a very young age.My Tiger images did really well and I am sending my first cheque off to 21 Century Tiger this week with some of the profits of the sale of my Limited Edition Tiger prints,where 50% of the profits from each image are going to helping wild Tigers survive around the world.My professional printed Gift Vouchers sold really well also,for birthdays,and nice presents for loved ones where they can be exchanged for any products on my website,most where brought as gifts for my One To Ones.

CJWP Stand

It was a real team effort with my wife;Vanessa working alongside me,with her 16 years experience in customer service’s making the two days go just the bit more smoother with her beautiful smile and professional input,thank you Vanessa




Has now got full Chip And Pin facilities available,where its a very convenient and easy way of paying for items, where it is fully protected.All our products can be paided for using this method, examples-deposits and full payments on my Photo Tours (Africa,Tigers, etc),payment for Prints/Canvas alongside my Pay-Pal account that all of my orders come through.By offering this facility we have made is a lot easier for customers to purchase our products over the telephone just like you do from a shop/mail order.Where a full receipt is sent to you.

Thank to all the really nice people we both met over the two days there, a great venue and location to be in and I look forward to meeting the people who booked onto one of my One To One days or Workshops.With another display at Buxton planned for the end of July then the Birdfair in August it promises to be a busy time for us alongside what I loving doing and that’s capturing nature with my camera.

High-Tide At Norfolk

I have updated my One To One days showing the places I go to throughout the 12 months of the year, where they are timed to coincide with the changing seasons and natures own calendar to get the very best opportunities to photograph nature at a time of your choice.

My Hide-Tide days at Norfolk which start in late July have become really popular and these run from mid July all the way through until March of next year where you see thousands of waders moving closer to shore,forming beautiful patterns in the sky as the sea comes in and consumes the coastline.For more details of these days and booking on one then send me an email on my Contact form

High-Tide At Norfolk

High-Tide At Norfolk

These days are priced at £150.00 each and include a packed lunch/hot and cold drink.Any questions or further details then please contact me.Thank you all again for the sales,and bookings we got,I hope you have years of enjoyment from the frame photos/unframed images you brought and I was sad to see them go in a funny way.All the best.


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Craig Jones Wildlife Photography Newsletter

Filed in Charities, Exhibitions on Jun.04, 2010

Demand for our Workshops,Tours and Prints/Canvases and events is growing all the time so in response to this we are bringing out a regular newsletter.where you can keep up to date with what we are doing by signing up for this regular newsletter.This new feature can been seen on the front page of the website as shown below in this image and by clicking here

CJWP Newsletter

You will get priority notification of all up and coming events,workshops,tours and you will be able to see the latest work and projects we have been working on that month.With Trips to India for the stunning Bengal Tigers,Brown Bears In Finland,Spring Waders In Norfolk,Winter Waders,Texel,Mull,Wildlife Of The Peaks,One To Ones At High Tide/Norfolk,Barn Owl One Day Workshops and much more coming in the next 12 months,it promises to be an action packed time. I have also been asked by Paul McDougall,Director of  Wild Connection Safaris  if I would be interested in running,alongside himself a safari to Kenya in august for the Migration of the Masai Mara, this year and next year maybe so I have this in the pine line for august,more details to come.

I have three Limited Edition Framed or Unframed Fine Art Tiger prints-A2,A3 with only 100 being released,where each one will be numbered and signed, coming out next week, where 50% of the profits will go to helping Wild Tiger in India through 21 Century Tiger,this will be added to my website along with professionally printed Gift Vouchers that are signed and numbered personally by Craig Jones making an idea present for all occasions


The newsletter will give you all the very latest news,all you have to do is put your email address down, and your name  to be sure of receiving one.I have several Art and Craft fairs throughout the summer,plus I am at this years Birdfair where one of these amazing Tiger prints has been donated by myself to help the vital conservation projects Birdfair support.So there is so much I am involved in,helping others etc that’s the reason we have brought out this newsletter,so I hope you enjoy it,all the best…Craig



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WildPhotos 2009

Filed in Exhibitions on Oct.25, 2009



WildPhotos 2009 is a UK-based conservation charity working to promote conservation through wildlife imagery and media and yesterday I traveled to The Royal Geographical Society in London to spend the day listening to the many great wildlife photographers who give up their time for this great cause.They take you through their present work,share their knowledge and offer insights into ‘Life In The Field’


I was very impressed by all the work and met up with some photographers I’ve met over time.The day started at 9.30am and went until 6.00pm with lunch included, and it was brilliant and would recommend anyone who has a interest in the natural world to go next year. My two favorite shows where byBritta Jaschinski’ and Vincent Munier’.

Britta photography’s wildlife in an unconventional way using black and white to convey their beauty.The images that made the most impact for me where the haunting images of animals in confined spaces resulting in here book called Zoo breathtaking images. Vincent Munier’spresentation was nothing short of breathtaking where he showed a series of some of his finest work with a beautiful soundtrack of operatic music.

I love his distinctive style of photography,so simple and breathtaking to view.He told me that he regards photography as a way of remaining close to nature and his images as having great power to move people,his approach,and manner is inspiring and for me he is the best wildlife photographer around. Click on his name and it will take you to his sight and just enjoy.

I had a brillant time and I wish everyone I met all the best and I hope thatWildPhotosgoes from strength to strength.

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British Wildlife Photography Awards-BWPA

Filed in Exhibitions on Oct.01, 2009

My Image  ‘Family Life’  in the ‘Habitat’ category was commended  and short-listed from thousands of entries and forms part of the BWPA Exhibition touring the country over the next ten months.

Family Life


The image is a photographic account of life for a family of Shag’s on the rocky stacks/cliffs of Staple Island, one of the many islands that make up the Farnes.Shags are part of the Cormorant family and their name ‘Shag’ refers to their prominet crest on the front of their heads.

In this photograph I wanted to capture the adult to the left and the mother with the chicks to the right, the mainland can be seen in the distance, and also the shag’s nest of rotting seaweed and twigs held together by the birds own guano can be seen on the right.I got covered in guano obtaining this photograph, by lying in it for sometime to obtain this ‘POV’. They are a beautiful bird with their dark, glossy green plumage and have a ‘Prehistoric’ look about them

I had a lovely evening at the private viewing at Hoopers Gallery,London on the 23rd of September and it was an honour to have one of my images shortlisted and chosen by the judges,  I met some very nice people also at the awards,brilliant and inspiring images on show in a lovely gallery.

To see where the Exhibition will be  please click on the following link  BWPA

I wish the BWPA all the sucess in the future and thanks for a great night.

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