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Cairngorm National Park

Filed in Articles, Workshops on Feb.29, 2016

I’ve just returned from several days in the truly inspiring Cairngorm national park in Scotland. A vast area of mountains that covers an area of 4,528 km (1,748 sq mi). The Cairngorm Mountains are a spectacular landscape with snow capped peaks and breathtaking scenery

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New Website-CJWP

Filed in Articles on Feb.22, 2016

Welcome to my new website, after nearly six years my old website had become very old, dated and I wanted a new website that reflected my wildlife photography in today’s times and how that’s changed over those years. On my new site I’m able to display images a lot larger which was always my aim. Buying products is made really easy and safe now with Barclaycard which is the market leader in online payments and security with customer’s data and personal details.

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Pongky Your Now Free

Filed in Articles, Charities on Feb.02, 2016

Hope is a great thing, without it you have nothing. When I sat with Pongky, a male Sumatran orangutan in Medan Zoo, Sumatra last year I couldn’t believe the suffering and pain I was witnessing. Paying visitors would pay to watch him and laugh at his screams. Those were screams of anguish though and not for their pleasure. I cant tell you how I hate cruelty to animals and what I saw on that day has haunted me ever since.

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BBC Wildlife-February Issue

Filed in Articles, In the Press on Jan.18, 2016

In February’s issue of the BBC Wildlife Magazine I have an article published on Sumatran Orangutans. The article and images are about the Sumatran Orangutans and their plight and I hope that this amazing magazine and its following helps these great apes and those fighting to keep them alive. Ive had the pleasure of joining these guys many times over the years and this is a great tribute to them all.

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BAWC Wildlife Crime Conference 2016

Filed in Articles, Events on Jan.04, 2016

A happy new year and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and 2016 will be as good as it can be. With the unseasonable temperatures around it really hasn’t felt like winter this year. Flowers blooming, t-shirts worn in December it really feels very strange and I feel for nature at the moment and the bigger issue of global warning and everything that comes with that.

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