The Green Party – Autumn Conference 2017

Filed in Events on Oct.08, 2017

I wanted to bring in a visual way some of what I have seen to this years Green Party of England and Wales Autumn conference in Harrogate over the weekend. Doing what I can with my own skill set and passion to highlight what is happening to our wildlife and countryside here in the UK and around the world.

Never has the need been greater to protect our planet and its wildlife as now. Fighting to keep our national heritage and protecting all wildlife and safeguarding the environment and planet is so important. I was invited to the conference as one of their speakers, and my two talks over the weekend showed the conference what wildlife we have and will lose should current trends of poaching, killing, deforestation and senseless cruelty carry on unchecked in our countryside and around the world.

There is a real change coming in the public’s attitude to what is happening to our planet and it’s wildlife now I believe. People have had enough of the killing and slaughter of wildlife and our green spaces disappearing. We need more MP’s from Parliament to get behind what the Green Party is saying and fingers crossed this will happen in the near future. It was wonderful to show my support to the party with my talks and message at their conference. I thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful speakers and program and came away truly inspired.

The Green Party has always held the strongest animal protection policies of any parliamentary political party in Britain. Only the Greens are prepared to take on big business by opposing all forms of factory farming, and working for the full replacement of animals used in research and testing.

They have a long history of standing up for animals, having achieved success in many areas such as reducing animal – testing requirements, strengthening slaughter rules, banning snares locally and helping save the Wildlife Crime Unit.  You can read their Animal Protection Manifesto by clicking here.

From Grouse moors and the wildlife they support, to Badgers being culled against expert advice, Fox hunting and birds of prey we are sanitising the countryside here in the UK and around the world. I wanted to show some of this through my two presentations and try and inspire those watching to do something, to care and once that happens then anything is possible. 

Many people always ask me when I’m doing my talks what can they do to help wildlife or what should they do if they come across wildlife in trouble or danger in the countryside here in the UK. So I put some leaflets out that were kindly donated by Birders Agaisnt Wildlfie Crime.They explained in a very simple way what you can do and who to contact should you come across anything while out and about in the British countryside.

Natalie Bennett,Green Party Sheffield is a great advocate for the many wildlife campaigns being run here in the UK to highlight the barbaric cruelty that is happening in our countryside giving her total ministerial backing to all of them. I met her at this years Hen Harrier day in Sheffield where she was one of the speakers. She gave a passionate speech about Hen Harriers along with all the other species of wildlife that are killed and removed from moorland habitats that support driven grouse shooting.

Its was wonderful to have been invited to the Green Party of England and Wales conference and talk passionately about the natural world and the destruction of the environment I’ve seen for myself on a larger stage, hopefully inspiring those there to do more.

It follows on from last year where I was invited to the Green Party’s exhibition in London at Hoxton Arches. I donated an image of a Sumatran Orangutan to form part of the “Green Creates” art exhibition and auction which celebrated creativity and ‘Green Voices’ from around the UK and around the world. You can read about this event on a previous blog post here.

I’d like to thank the Green Party for inviting me and for being the only party out there that is really concerned with environmental concerns and wildlife cruelty. Holding the government to account on many problems that are blighting our planet and countryside. All of these issues are linked to our daily lives in one way or another either through cheap food we are consuming resulting in health issues, cheap items we buy then throw away most containing palm oil and links to the brutal deforestation of rainforests the list is endless. I had a lot of questions and feedback from the audience after my talks and I’d like to thank everyone that stopped for chat and were inspired with my message and work.

We can all do something to help the planet against a tide of mounting despair at what we see daily. We must stop trying to test the world to destruction while engineering our own in the process before its too late to reverse what damage we’ve already done.

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