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Wild Red Deer Rut

Filed in Articles on Aug.24, 2023

The heaths and moors of the Peak District are an eerie exposure of peat covered moorland sitting about 600m above sea level. Large wind carved eroded rocks sit among vast plateaus and rock formations supporting a healthy population of wild Red Deer.

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Displaying Dipper

Filed in Wildlife, Workshops on Dec.11, 2022

A male Dipper displaying in the Peak District National Park. These aquatic songbirds are very territorial and will defend their patch of river at any time of the year from others Dippers looking for their own territory.
Its a beautiful thing to witness as the Dipper outstretches its wings, elongates their body and neck, raising their bill and chirping away in front of the female.

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Dipper Project

Filed in Articles on Jul.18, 2022

Working on your own projects is a great way of learning more about your chosen subject, while becoming a better wildlife photographer I firmly believe.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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Global Birdfair 2022

Filed in Events on Jun.10, 2022

The new Global Birdfair has been spearheaded by Tim Appleton MBE, founder of the original Birdfair back in 1989. This brand new event will bring together wildlife conservationists, representatives of nature travel, birders and natural history enthusiasts from all over the world.

Global Birdfair Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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