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As the continued mix of extreme cold weather, then rain seems to be staying with us, this in turn has added a great deal to the photographs my clients and myself have captured over the last two weeks, where the weather has changed animal behaviors, added impact and drama, with the only slight drawback, that its colder and the roads are more difficult to drive on. Nature always finds a way through any hardship and a motto that was taught while I was a serving soldier was- Improvise-Adapt-Overcome. A saying that is well suited to natures power to overcome anything.

As with all wildlife during this time of year their whole life depends on getting enough food to keep themselves alive during the shorter daylight and as this cold spell seems to be staying with us for a while the temperatures make it all just that bit harder for the animals to obtain food to live as everything is frozen.

Along with my One to Ones with clients I have also been photographing a number of subjects, some of which I hope to follow throughout the coming year on projects fingers crossed.

My blog will be relatively quite over the next two weeks as I set of with seven clients on an adventure to the Falkland Islands to photography the amazing wildlife this island has to offer. Interest in my 2014 trip has been great so if you’d like to no more or book then please click on the following link. It will be an amazing trip and I look forward to posting some of the results once I’m home.

I just wanted to leave you with a slideshow I have just put together showing the power of nature in its various forms and I hope you enjoy, many thanks.

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  1. Shaun Brown said:

    Craig again fantastic images and words, I love seeing your images and reading your footnotes that go with them, as someone who is new to Wildlife photography it gives a great insite of what can be captured thought the lense. I am looking forward to our one-to-one workshop and having a good chat, keep it coming 🙂

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