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Nat Geo WILD – Photo Ark

Filed in Articles, In the Press on Oct.20, 2017

Recent evidence suggests that Planet Earth is at the beginning of its sixth mass extinction event, the most rapid loss of species since dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago. The disappearance of thousands of plant and animal species, caused almost entirely by human activity, will have serious ecological, economic and social consequences, experts have warned.

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Nat Geo WILD – Inspiring Discussions

Filed in Events, In the Press on Sep.28, 2017

With my travel bag barely unpacked from my several days away in beautiful Portugal as part of the Waves International event I headed to London this week as one of the invited panel of experts for a filmed debate for National Geographic, and specifically their channel Nat Geo Wild and partners ,The Week magazine. This thought-provoking and inspiring panel discussion focused on the some of the themes that will be explored in the two upcoming programmes – Paradise Islands and Photo Ark, both streaming on National Geographic in October.

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Global Tiger Day 2017

Filed in Charities, In the Press on Jul.28, 2017

Global Tiger Day is celebrated across the world in recognition of the animal regularly voted the public’s favorite animal. Despite this, the tiger is endangered and under threat of extinction from habitat destruction and poaching. One hundred years ago there were 100,000 wild tigers, now there are less than 4000 tigers left in the wild. In the last century Asia’s wild tiger range has shrunk by 93%. Shockingly, 40% of that decline has happened in the past ten years.

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Durrells Underhogs

Filed in Articles, In the Press on May.12, 2017

After a few days in a specially built holding area the door was pulled back and a family of captive born Pygmy Hogs took their first steps into the wild. They paused for a moment, then the adult male led them all out. This was the image that captured that moment I still remember fondly from last May in Assam, India. Critically endangered in the wild this breeding program is trying to ensure these wonderful and enduring Pygmy Hogs don’t go extinct.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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National Geographic Magazine

Filed in Articles, In the Press on Oct.25, 2016

A wonderful article illustrated by my images covering the work of Panut Hadisiswoyo, Director of OIC in Sumatra is published in November’s issue of National Geographic magazine. Telling the story of how the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutans are trafficked and sold as pets.

national-geographic - Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

national-geographic - Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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