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The Power of Nature

Filed in Wildlife on Oct.21, 2020

#mentalhealth #powerofnature

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Dippers of the Dales

Filed in Places Of Interest, Workshops on Jun.26, 2020

My love of the Dipper started as a small boy, I’d catch two buses from my home with my bag packed with cold toast and a flask to get to Lathkill Dale, in the Peak District. Once I got there I’d sit and watch these incredible birds play out their lives before me.

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Welcome Back

Filed in Projects on May.22, 2020

Redstarts and Pied Flycatchers are two of my favourite summer visitors to our shores. When these birds arrive I know our summer is just round the corner. They travel all the way from North Africa to raise their family in a beautiful part of the Peak District, before heading back to Africa.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

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Dawn and Dusk

Filed in Articles, Photography Tips on Feb.08, 2020

Dawn and Dusk are your best friends as a wildlife photographer, once you understand this and what happens at these times of the day it will change how you think within your own wildlife photography. It will also improve your own images , fieldcraft and general understanding of our beautiful yet fragile natural world.

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Fieldcraft & Respect

Filed in Articles, Photography Tips, Wildlife on Jan.15, 2020

Winter is a testing time for all living animals, always remember when working with wild animals they come first and the last thing you want to do is to impose yourself to quickly or scare the animal you’re wishing to photograph. It’s also very important to know that calories are burned off more quickly during the winter months so fieldcraft and respect have to be the first priorities of any wildlife photographer.

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